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This is our single origin house filter roast of the Nyasaland variety. The coffee beans are grown by the 40 smallholder farmers of the Miale-Tubana collective on the slopes of the Mount Elgon volcano at an altitude of 1,200 to 1,550 metres. As part of the Slow Food movement, the growers are committed to preserving this endangered coffee variety. Find our Nyasaland Espresso Roast via this link.

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Producers: Miale Tubana Mixed Farmers
Origin: Uganda
Region: Mount Elgon | Bugisu
Altitude: 1200 - 1550 M
Variety: var. Nyasaland, spp. Arabica
Process: washed

Taste: Roasted Nuts, Sweet Caramel, Round Cup
Cupping Score: 83 - 84


These coffee beans were grown by the Miale Tubana Mixed Farmers cooperative in Bugiso, Uganda.

The collective has always used extensive methods such as intercropping and uses only animal and plant based fertilizers and pesticides. Small amounts of coffee are grown in the fertile gardens with local fruits, vegetables, tubers and many other local species. This variety of plants together with the large African shade trees nourish the soil structure and protect it from the strong tropical sun.

Roasting the beans

In Berlin, we carefully roast our beans on a Probat 12 Roasting Machine. This equipment, renowned for its precise manual control and adjustable air control, can handle up to 12 kg batches. We adapt each roast to the beans and the climate, ensuring a flawless brew every time. Our roasting process is both an art and a science – sign up for our newsletter for an exclusive look into our roastery!

Extracting the drink with us

In our store you can meet our passionate Baristas and taste the perfectly brewed result. For espresso, we use the famous "The Spirit" coffee machine, which is handmade in Amsterdam. With its precise temperature control and pressure profiling by brew group, this machine allows us to offer the perfect espresso. For Espresso, the coffee beans are ground by a Victoria Arduino Mythos 1 and a E65s, for espresso by a Mahlkönig EK43.